Thursday, September 1, 2011

What to get your unemployed over 40 for his birthday.

      So your unemployed son, daughter, husband, mom or dad is having a birthday and you do not know what to get them. My step mom got me a new Laptop and if you can afford it please do this, it is a huge winner. Most of us can't, and for you I suggest an Amazon Gift Card. Gift cards are always in your budget as they can be for anywhere from fifteen cents to six thousand dollars. Amazon has things listed from free and a penny, to tens of thousands of dollars, so your recipient can find what is right for them, and you get the good feeling of knowing you remembered a loved one, important both for your self esteem and his. Such a win, win and win situation. Why am I thinking of this now, because my birthday was yesterday meaning I only have one year left to claim I am in my forties before I have to move on. 

PS. All belated birthday presents are gladly accepted


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