Monday, September 19, 2011

More Legally Free Music

     Amazon came out with a list of free new artist so here is the best off that list plus a couple of blues pieces worth owning. First is a cool electronica song from the band Little Dragon called Ritual Union. Next is a sweet dance piece from Jessica 6 called White Horse. The third worth listening to is another numbered band, this one more of a singer songwriter style piece from Nick 13 called Carry My Body Down.  On to the Blues songs of the week. If you  haven't heard of Roomful of Blues yet they are just a very sweet, tight band with some wonderful music. The free one reminds me of a couple of other pieces but from what I could dig up is actually an original called Talkin' to You Eye to Eye. Finally we have the very talented and imaginative Son Seals with the simply titled Sadie. Some tasty sounds in today's group so enjoy.


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