Friday, September 23, 2011

Dog Training

     Since we finished intermediate dog training class for Chesty, my step moms new Rottweiler, I was thinking what would you do if you didn't have 99 dollars a class to spend to train your dog. So I did a search of dog training books at Amazon and came up with one strange free book for training Hunting Dogs, and 10 books under a dollar you can choose from to train your dog. This list is in no particular order so please investigate on your own before purchasing.

 1. Effective Dog Training for Your Puppy
 2. How I Trained my Trick Dog Snow White
 3. It's Not the Dog - Behavior training For Humans
 4. The Happy Dog Manual
 5. Puppy Training, Puppy Proof Your Home and Obedience Training the Natural Way
 6. Good Dog, Happy Dog
 7.  Training your Dog
 8. Puppy Essentials: How to Raise a Well Behaved Pooch
 9. Americas's Favorite Dog Training Tips: How to be the Dog Whisperer of Your Dreams
10. Training a Puppy

    Ten Chances to end up with a better dog than if you didn't get any help at all.

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