Monday, September 5, 2011

Free Gluten Free Books

     Browsing the free book list yesterday I noticed three books on living gluten free. The books are Gluten Free Weight Loss, Gluten Free Meals - The How-to Guide and Gluten Free Gourmet - The How- to Guide. So why did these catch my eye. In my family an allergy to gluten is pretty common as both my mom and grandfather developed it later in life and my uncle was born with it and died from it. So it is highly likely at some point that I will need this info. Celiac disease, as  the allergy to gluten is known, is a common recessive for anyone with Jewish ancestry even if that ancestor is three or four generations removed. So if this is you, it is something you should mention to your doctor especially if you start having auto immune deficiency type symptoms. So while these books are free take advantage.


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