Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Free concerts, Knoxville, Portland and Your Town

    So you, like a lot of us, now find you have free time to enjoy life, but no money to enjoy it with. Your city would like to help. In Knoxville we have the Blue Plate Special. One of the local public radio stations has it's radio booth downtown and it can be overseen on Gay St. Every day in the spring, summer and fall they do an interview with a band, where the band plays songs live throughout the interview for all to see and hear for free. This is in your budget. In Portland (OR.), they have the Tunes at Noon all summer long. Twice a week there is live music in Pioneer square downtown. Good, mostly local bands worth listening to. A lot of other things go on in Pioneer Square so I have set the link for the Pioneer Square site. My advice is to look online and find the free music near you when you need some entertainment in a social setting, or want to get out of the house with friends and not strain your budget.


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