Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Contest Worth Entering

     I Google searched for some free contest and found a bunch. I will list five that look cool to me. First is the Green Lantern Sweepstakes which has a 10,000 first prize and a guarantee of a 20% off coupon for all entrants at a Halloween shop. Second is our friends at Publishers Clearing House with a 5,000 dollars a week for life contest. I could live on that. Third, Monroe has a cool little 50,000 dollar sweepstakes going with an instant win for a small baseball package.  Fourth, Dr. Pepper giving away a home theater system but the nice thing about this one is you get a 5000 dollar visa gift card that they suggest you use for the home theater system but you can actually spend it on anything. Fifth is the free caddy contest . On this one I sure like the prize, a new caddy, but I am not sure I like the entry form so I recommend you only enter once. There are literally hundreds of different giveaways and contest out there, so it probably doesn't hurt to take an hour each week to search around and see if you can get lucky.


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