Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Additon to Worth Reading List

     Found another Dana Stabenow  book free, This time in my favorite genre Sci-Fi. Second Star  is the 1st book in the Star Svensdotter trilogy with the other two books being just 4.99. Hooray for authors re-releasing their own books on the cheap. At her website you can also download this in any other format including for your iPad or IPhone.

Second Star
When the Betelgeuse message was detected, it changed a lot of things on Earth. We began to look seriously outward, not with the heady optimism of the early days, but with deliberate calculation. We knew that Someone was out there, and that eventually, they’d be coming. If Earth didn’t occupy the High Frontier, it could be ours to lose.

Esther “Star” Svensdotter’s job is overseeing the completion of the American Alliance’s first O’Neill cylinder — a massive space hab capable of supporting thousands of colonists. It’s just weeks away from commissioning, and she’ll be damned if Luddite terrorists, squabbling bureaucrats, military takeovers or rogue AIs will stand in the way. Frontier justice on Ellfive sometimes involves an airlock — you don’t want to be on the wrong side of justice. Or the wrong side of Star Svensdotter.

The first in Dana Stabenow’s Star Svensdotter trilogy, Second Star is a tale of first contact, declarations of independence, and new frontiers.

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