Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Legally Free Music

     Lots of good free music out there today as Amazon gears up for the holidays with lots of promos to tempt you into something more. Since it also seems to be the protest season lets start with a couple of modern protest songs. First from Naomi Bedford, Daddy's Got a Gun which needs no more commentary by me to give you an idea of what she is singing about. The second is a little more subtle, from James Vincent McMorrow  I suggest We Don't Eat done so prettily you almost forget about the protest. Teen angst is always in style and here is another good one from John Wesley Harding Sing Your Own Song. Little War is titled like a protest song, even the cover art looks like a protest song, but no the war is with himself like the good little angsty artist he is. Irish fun is next as a band calling itself The Gospel brings us a perfect Irish pub song in This Town Doesn't Have Enough Bars for the Both of Us.
     With Christmas coming I will add a free Christmas Song today, from Classic Christmas Singers comes  The Bell Medley a nice addition to your holiday list for when visitors are over during the holidays. Also great for you r holiday listening is White Christmas from Martina McBride with  16 classic songs in which she never twangs or over reaches her voice including a very cool duet with Dean Martin only available on the album. Finally an unbelievable deal on a great band. The Unforgettable Fire from U2  is the deal of the day and well worth it's 3.99 price today.

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