Sunday, November 27, 2011

4 for 3 Sale at Amazon

     Why they are hiding this sale is beyond me. Right now they are having a 4 for 3 sale in their kithen and housewares department. That means buy three items and get a 4th item of the same or lesser value than the lowest priced one free. The key to taking advantage of these types of sales is to make sure all your items are of similiar value especially items 3 and 4. Here is an example of some good ideas for you 4th item: Notice that all these items have some value at their current price and are already on sale. This is a double bonus for your budget, and much better than a $10.00 off coupon if you were already buying that many items anyway. Also kitchen gadgets make nice gifts because almost everyone likes to play in the kitchen on occasion. They are also unisex gifts good for men or women. If you have people on your list who live out of town now is when to buy. If you are worried about it arriving early, just use delay ship and let it ship around the 10th of December. As a person who worked in the catalog/on-line sales industry customer service department please do get the gift message, its free and easy. Please do not get gift wrap as this will make your item later than you expect. Happy Holidays.


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