Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Legally Free Music

     With the holiday's coming up I am dedicating this edition of legally free music to free holiday music. Found three free Christmas songs just released this year. First we have the singer/songwriter interpretation of Oh Holy Night from Eisley. Next a more realistic look at Christmas from Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler called (Don't Call Me) Mrs. Christmas. The last free single from this year is the strangest Christmas song I have ever heard Holiday (Dope Xxxmas) (Feat. Josh Diamond)  from Lizzi Bougatsos and where Josh Diamond came in I haven't a clue. Now for some a little bit older but still free songs for the holidays. Electric blues come from Carey Bell, Christmas Train is the song and fits right in with my 70's soul style song This Christmas by Brian Courtney Wilson (not a Beach Boy).Christmas Anthem is a nice acoustical guitar original from Landon Smith & The Real Matt Jones (not the football player).
     I also found an ep for free, Chacra World Music Holiday Sampler left over from last year it seems to be mostly Irish and Scottish bands with a Spanish one thrown in to make it international. For us Jewish kids I have full Hanukkah album of music for free, Lights, Vol 2. A Hanukkah Sampler which has 18 different Hanukkah songs in at least three different languages. Enjoy the music


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