Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why you should check snopes before passing on an email

    So I got this email today saying a Cindy Williams (not the actress) had written an opinion piece for the Washington Times saying our soldiers didn't need a raise and that an airman had responded basically saying bullshit. So far all is true, this all actually happened in 2000. That's right 11 years ago, 9 months before 9/11. Now is when the lies start. My email stated that Ms Williams worked for the Obama Administration. False she worked for the Clinton Administration from 1994-1997. It also said she should spend time in Afghanistan. False we were not yet in Afghanistan yet. How do I know it is false. because at that time the maximum overseas deployment was 6 months and the editor left this in. Little edits like this have made an email started 11 years ago keep going, and going. Do all your friends a favor and delete these type of emails when you get them no matter how much you sympathize with the soldiers.


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