Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Legally Free Music

      Time for another set of free music sitting there for the downloading from Amazon. This time I am going to try and feature some pieces that are newer to the free side. Leading off is a band called the New Mastersounds, and their jam Thermal Bad, as sweet of piece of funk jazz as I have heard in a while. Next a sweet little pop, dance piece from new artist Metric called Gimme Sympathy, and yes that title is a play on the Stones classic Gimme Shelter as one of the questions in the song is whether you want to be the Stones or the Beatles. I also found this new funk piece in the new artist section, the band name is JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound with a fun little song called Baaadnews, The third song I found at the New artist sight I liked was from Ben Rector with nice version of Let the Good Times Roll. Finally I found a new blues song. This is rock blues from Big Dixie Mafia called No One Ask that really lets their guitarist shine. Enjoy the sounds


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