Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Legally Free Music

     I am going to start this week with two brand new blues songs. The first I have been super excited to see on the coming soon list. It is from Fiona Boyes called Chain Gang. It is a great synergy between old time blues and modern equipment. Also brand new in blues is Ghetto Blue from Mac Arnold's Blues Revival a live performance in the Albert King style of autobiographical songs. Great guitar work on this one saves it. Hair band revival time has come and I found two excellent artist with free songs this week. First is the band ruined by Sister Christian. Everything else Night Ranger did on their first two albums had a much harder edge, as does this single Growin' Up in California which just smokes. Speaking of smoking guitarist George Lynch formerly of Dokken has a new album and is giving away the first single Son of Scary  a sweet instrumental rocker that shows off his massive talent. Finally a Jimmy Buffet inspired tune from the Maldives called Tequila Sunday that has a more modern and rocky back beat but wouldn't make anyone in the south uncomfortable at all. Enjoy the tunes.


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