Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Legally Free Music

      Lots of great new free songs out there today. Today I searched the folk section for free song and found that they have a very loose definition of folk. The first song I found that moved me is actually  more modern swing than folk, may I present Jenny Boneja and the Ballroom Shakers with there new release Set My Soul on Fire a truly groovin' song for every cool cat out there. Next is a perky little pop piece from The Generationals called Trust. The only truly folk band in the bunch is the Wicked Saints, the single is called Walkin' on the Water and has a nice modern take on folk the is easy to sing along with. The last two song are more bluegrass or americana than folk. I am bringing back the Lovell Sisters with a new song called Time to Grow. Finally I found a song from the ditzy blond morning jock on Sirius' Outlaw Country station Elizabeth Cook performing the very traditional song Old Dan Tucker.
      This is where I usually stop but I noticed that I hadn't seen any new songs from Alligator Records at Amazon for a while so I went over to their site to see if they had stopped giving songs away. Good news, they haven't. I found 5 songs I hadn't downloaded yet including a new single from Blues legend Charlie Musslewhite. The set of six songs here all are great, and well worth the time it takes to download them.


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