Monday, January 9, 2012

Free Audiobook - METAtropolis

Audible is once again giving away a free download of METAtropolis ($11.99 Kindle), by Jay Lake, Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi and Karl Schroeder. They did this in April 2009, but this is a different ASIN and perhaps a different edition, although I can't really check, as the old listing is now missing; I suspect it is the same, as all the details other than release date are the same as the non-free listing for this one at Audible. If you haven't read either John Scalzi or Elizabeth Bear, I highly recommend both of them and i am very excited by this free book.
Book Description
Welcome to a world where big cities are dying, dead - or transformed into technological megastructures. Where once-thriving suburbs are now treacherous Wilds. Where those who live for technology battle those who would die rather than embrace it. It is a world of zero-footprint cities, virtual nations, and armed camps of eco-survivalists.

Welcome to the dawn of uncivilization.

METAtropolis is an intelligent and stunning creation of five of today's cutting-edge science-fiction writers: 2008 Hugo Award winners John Scalzi and Elizabeth Bear; Campbell Award winner Jay Lake; plus fan favorites Tobias Buckell and Karl Schroeder. Together they set the ground rules and developed the parameters of this "shared universe", then wrote five original novellas - all linked, but each a separate tale.

Bringing this audiobook to life is a dream team of performers: Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan ("Saul Tigh"); Alessandro Juliani ("Felix Gaeta"); and Kandyse McClure ("Anastasia 'Dee' Dualla"); plus legendary audiobook narrators Scott Brick (Dune) and Stefan Rudnicki (Ender's Game).

John Scalzi, who served as Project Editor, introduces each story, offering insight into how the METAtropolis team created this unique project exclusively for digital audio.
Get the free audiobook from Audible, narrated by Michael Hogan, Scott Brick, Kandyse McClure, Alessandro Juliani, Stefan Rudnicki and John Scalzi. You'll need an Audible account (it's free) and the free offer may be geographically limited to those with a US address.

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