Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Legally Free Music

      I have spent the afternoon whittling down a collection of free songs to the five best. The best of the best is a brand new song from soon to be pop sensation Atlas Sound with a catchy, easy on the ears new song Mona Lisa. Next I found a Decemberist song for free, 16 Military Wives. This is an older tune re released on a tribute type album but still very apropos today and well worth the download. Now a band that is already starting to get some solid airplay for a new band and deservedly so, Young The Giant with the single Apartment free right now. Time for me to go a little farther on the edges. First a hard to define sound somewhere between Folk and Americana comes the band FHoneyHoney with Old School Friends a nice reminder that the people we've known the longest are most likely to like us for who we've always been. Finally I can't resist the Irish, Pop, Reggae type of influenced music I keep finding, and this one just left me smiling. The song is Coffee and Wine and the band is Chadwick Stokes. No new blues but lots of fun stuff to enjoy.


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