Tuesday, August 16, 2011


      Welcome to my attempt to never have to have a real job again. Not that real jobs are easy to come by these days. 
     So when do you need this blog. If after 6 months you still do not have a job you may need this blog. I will help you to start thinking of alternative ways to make a living. If you have landed back at home or are depending on the other worker in the house to make ends meet you now need ways to pass the time. I will endeavor to find enough free books, games, music and other things to keep you from getting too bored and suggest new hobbies you might want to take up. If you actually need an income of some type, I will try to mention some alternative occupations you may want to consider, like politician, poker host, blogger, author and a myriad of other ideas and how to get there. I will also post on politics and link you to some of the better articles I see in the opinion pages on the web.  

     So I am off to find out how to set up some links or do nothing. 
 We will see which as I have got out of the work habit.


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