Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Legally Free Music

     So you will notice I did get a little bit of work done yesterday. In the right hand column you will see a list of 5 songs. They are free at Amazon right now. I consider these to be some of the better of the better of the 300 free songs at amazon. At the top you will find a nice little Texas Honky Tonk Blues piece called Watermelon Time. Second is a very nice angry rock girl piece by Ani DiFranco called Emancipated Minor. Third is a smokin' Electric Blues piece from Dave Hole in which he just shreds on his guitar leaving you breathless, Yowza! Fourth is a much more traditional blues piece from Mickey Thomas called Cherry Red. This on one of the better versions of this song I have heard. Finally a little Ziggy Marley to round us out. Often not as socially aware as his dad this piece is much more evocative of his dad but still in his own voice. Enjoy all and don't spend a penny because like me I know you can't afford it.


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